A few words about us

We specialize in the design and testing of high-risk, mission-critical information systems under rigorous quality standards, whether it be designing a new application or reverse-engineering an existing implementation to establish a specification baseline. We provide an integrated process, tool set, infrastructure, and trained personnel out-of-the-box, ready to hit the ground running on day one. Or, if you already have a defined process, templates, and/or infrastructure in place, we can work within your framework to provide as-needed services.


What we offer

Full Spectrum Software Services

We can perform analysis and design for new projects, perfom reverse engineering and documentation for existing projects, set up test data, and automate the testing process. We can move data from one system to another, thus avoiding the need to hire data entry personnel.



CMMI and NQA-1 Ready

We have a robust process and integrated tool set that gets you to CMMI Level 2+ in a heartbeat.

Our integrated process and tool set is also compliant with the requirements of NQA-1 2000 Subpart 2.7 (Software).