About Us

Digital Publications has been around since 1999. Our initial focus was on the development and implementation of formal Software Quality Assurance processes, which led us to develop the Shell Method. The Shell Method was a response to the emerging pattern of tool-specific approaches like the Rational Unified Process. These processes require the use of a very expensive set of tools targeted at the large enterprise market, effectively eliminating participation by organizational subunits or small development shops. In contrast, the Shell Method can be implemented with standard office productivity software coupled with inexpensive open-source tools for content management, source control and issue tracking. The Shell Method repository describes the original process and documentation sets and is maintained as a reference site for those clients that have purchased our original template set.

In recent years, we have enhanced and streamlined the Shell Method to account for real-world experience over a decade of project implementations. No longer available as a series of templates, we use the Shell Method to provide an integrated, streamlined support infrastructure for information systems development efforts. We acquired and integrated a complete suite of support elements:

This suite, when combined with our enhanced Shell Method process, allows us to rapidly implement whatever pieces are necessary to move a development team to a complete, robust software engineering process compliant with industry and federal standards.